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Do you have a real passion to learn all there is to know about internet marketing?

Are you making a living online right now?

Do you have a strong desire to help other people make some extra money while working online at home?

Can you see yourself  possibly even making a full time income while working from home?

If you answered Yes to these questions then you have come to the right place…a place to learn and share.

Gramma’s Online was created as a place holder to share all the internet marketing strategies, tips and tricks that I have learned over the last few years.

Over these past years I have learned pretty much all there is to know about internet marketing…the good, the bad and the ugly.

Yes at times internet marketing can get quite ugly and you’ll need to watch out for all the scams.

I have come to realize that if I can break the process of online marketing out into some easier simple to learn steps, perhaps I could help other’s to avoid the pitfalls, speed up the learning curve and get started making money sooner.

Saving valuable time and money is so important, as there are no guarantees online, either you put in the time and money it takes to succeed or you don’t. It’s as simple as that!

Your success depends on your motivation to succeed…

Everything I have learned over the last few years while teaching myself all there is to know about online marketing, also called internet marketing, has not been easy.

Without a doubt it requires some real hard work and effort to make it work!

I will not tread lightly here making it all sound rosy because you need to know up front that internet marketing is not a get rich quick process, it will take time and money to succeed online and most people give up in frustration just before reaching their success.

My vision for this site is to have a focus on sharing all the strategies, tips and tricks, thus the name I chose for my website, “Gramma’s Online.” I called it Gramma’s Online because if a grandmother like me can make money online, so can you.

I will be promoting programs on this site that I feel have helped me along the way, as well as programs that I see that might be a good fit for you to learn more than what I am sharing here on this website.

As my intent in learning all there is to know about internet marketing is to make a living online while working at home, the programs I promote on this site will have my affiliate links in them. This in no way means that you pay more for the products and/or services as my commission comes from the programs owner, not you.

Affiliate marketing is something you’ll learn more about soon yourself.

There are numerous reasons why someone might turn to the internet as a way of making a living and there are just as many ways to make a living online.

I chose affiliate marketing as my method of making money online due to illnesses that prevent me from working.

 Over the years I have made money from doing affiliate marketing with my own websites, adsense revenues and offline marketing, which is basically doing online marketing for offline businesses.

I have also provided services here and there to some online businesses helping them to market online.

As we are all continuously learning with the ever changing online platform, I hope to see other’s share with one another through the comments section or by contacting me at Gramma’s Online to request a guest post. We can all learn something new from helping each other.

So let’s get started….

Success Online Begins With A Well Thought Out Internet Marketing Plan

Far too often internet marketers give up in frustration before even making a penny online and more than likely it’s because they had no business plan outlining their steps to online success.

Read that again…

Internet Marketing Frustration

One of the biggest problems with learning to make money online is that people find themselves drowning in a sea of information overload because they were never taught the importance of developing a sensible business plan.

Is it any wonder that approximately 97% of those who start out with a true passion for internet marketing finally give up feeling defeated. I think not…

Here’s a few reasons why you need a solid business plan before you start to build your online business.

Yes I did say business because if you don’t look at internet marketing as a business you may as well just pack it in right now! Think of this as your Online Business and when you are working online you are developing your Online Business just as you would an offline business. This can not be ignored!

1. There are so many different methods of making money online it makes it difficult to just focus your attention on one method. It’s our nature to focus in ten different directions at one time.

Rest assured though if you decide to focus on all of them at once, chances are you’ll never make any real money.

Choose only one method of making money online and after you feel like you have comfortably mastered the method of making money you choose to tackle first, then add in another method.

At this point hopefully you will be making enough money to outsource the process of your first chosen method and have time to focus on a new project!

Pick your starting point…for example do you want to make an income that is focused on affiliate marketing selling Amazon products, Clickbank products and other affiliate programs, or would you like to make all of your income from Adsense revenues?

Does making a living promoting CPA offers interest you, or perhaps you have an interest in working with offline clients promoting their businesses online. You may even have a desire to write and publish your own book or course online!

How about selling your own products online….see how overwhelming it can get! There is just so many things that can take your attention away from what you should be focusing on.

Again, what is our focus….to choose only one online money making method, master it and then move on to another method.

Those money making opportunities are just a few of the many different ways you can make money online, however, to learn how to master them all at once and divide your attention is only asking for failure resulting in total burn out.

Online Marketing Burn Out

Focusing On Too Many Money Making Methods At Once Can Lead To Overwhelming “Burn Out”!

To help keep you focused I will try my best to answer all your questions and get you started in the right direction.

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Once You Find An Online Money Making Method That Resonates With You Here’s A Few Tips To Follow

Once you have picked your Online Money Making Method of choice, stay on the path and stick to your plan.

Here’s just a few things to watch out for after you pick your first method of making money online:

Problem: Too many shiny objects and too many other internet marketers trying to convince you that their method really works.

Solution: Cut out all the noise and chatter by focusing on a solid online business plan that you have just made for yourself.

1. Learn one method of making an income online that will allow you to give it all that you can…focusing on what really interests you the most will help to keep you centered.

After you have mastered this one method of generating income online then you can add in another money making method if you like.

2. Giving up on one method too soon is like jumping ship before the captain says the ship is going down. What I have learned over time is that buying numerous products thinking that someone has the golden key to making easy money online, has been the biggest let down of all.

Save your money…my hard-drive is full of “Purchased Products” with promises and only a handful of them have been worth the money spent buying them.

Problem: Buying products from people who have not even made a penny online themselves and buying outdated useless products.

Solution: If you are interested in purchasing a product make sure it is from someone who is truly making money online and if the product was first put out in 2009 make sure that the product owner has been keeping their product up to date.

In my opinion there is no excuse for selling outdated material online especially in the internet marketing arena where everything is always changing rapidly.

I say, keep it current or come out with a brand new product. Don’t be afraid to ask the product owners if their product is current. If you don’t hear back from a product owner in my opinion it speaks volumes on how the product will be supported in the future. A BIG red flag!!!

Gramma’s Online was started in the hopes of helping you to have a place to come to where you can ask me some questions and learn some of the tips, tricks and strategies that are working online for other people.

I won’t know it all or catch it all myself, so google should be your best friend when it comes to looking for information, just don’t trust everything you read!

Do your own due diligence…

Again, Gramma’s Online links to products and/or services on this website that we believe will help you to be successful online.

Although we make commissions from any sales you can rest assured that at the time of posting these links to the products and/or services recommended, they were current products that we linked to because of the belief that they are worth recommending.

We do research these products and/or services online to see what others are saying about them, especially if we do not have a copy of the product ourselves.

Coming from a business background myself I strongly believe that where possible highlighting the Top 3 Preferred Choices for each product or service is best. That way we can have a clearer picture of what is working for a larger group of people.

Please check out the current posts for any updated content…and check back often for new posts.

Also please leave your comments and questions in the comments area below the posts.

If possible help out by leaving a tip, trick or strategy that might help make it easier for someone else trying to make a living online to get started.

Pay it forward by sharing your successful internet marketing strategies, you never know what might come your way! Leave a comment on posts…

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